Friday, February 10


Well, this first month of '06 has been a decided mixed bag. On the positive side, my soul-crushing parents finally flocked back to their Florida abode after the holidays. Also, I re-started my NetFlix membership and have been giddily re-submerging myself in the genius of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Freaks and Geeks, The Sopranos, and the British version of The Office. Hallelujah, sayeth I.

On the negative side, my liver continues to limp along under my incessant, self-inflicted liquor assault (while my teetotaling, not-yet-40 cousin awaits her second liver transplant). As somebody has said again and again and again: if there is a god, he/she/it has one hell of a sense of humor.

And now, on a far less serious yet nonetheless highly annoying note, my furnace has gone all a'wobbly on me - something that 5 service calls and $500 worth of repairs have yet to entirely correct. Not that it ever gets cold in Michigan in January or anything....

As always, though, there is music - most, if not all of it, supplied by all the great and generous MP3 blogs out there. Shall I thank a few of them right now? I think I shall: Gorilla vs. Bear, Take Your Medicine, Stereogum, Coast is Clear, Swedesplease. Thanks go to them and to everybody I've linked to and to anyone who has bothered linking to me. I can only assure you: I love and need you more than you love or need me.

I've decided to collect my favorite tracks of the past month in yet another one of those handy-dandy zip files and post it here for those interested in 80 minutes worth of winter bliss (an idea ripped off from the handy-dandy Beat the Indie Drum (if you haven't yet, please go [here] to explore his gorgeous archives).

Anyway, here were the highlights of my month, which can be downloaded, in toto, by left-clicking [in between these here brackets].


1) Midlake/"Roscoe"
2) The Detroit Cobras/"Cha Cha Twist"
3) Gnarls Barkley/"Crazy"
4) The Gossip/"Listen Up!"
5) Meligrove Band/"Our Love Will Make the World Go Round"
6) Stellastarr*/"Love and Longing"
7) The Picture/"It's Alright"
8) David & the Citizens/"Let's Not Fall Apart"
9) Battle/"Demons"
10) Head Like a Kite/"Noisy at the Circus"
11) Quit Your Dayjob/"Sweden We Got a Problem"
12) Los Super Elegantes/"Porque Te Vas?"
13) The Clean Prophets/"Tambourine Crown"
14) The Sunshine Underground/"Put You in Your Place"
15) Calibretto/"When I Think About You"
16) Chris Brokaw/"Move"
17) Viola/"Lovelights"
18) Popgun Pillow/"Thrills"
19) I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness/"According to Plan"
20) The Radio Arts/"Let's Go"
21) Roland Shanks/"August"
22) Irene/"Stardust"

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