Wednesday, March 19


I remember feeling pretty satisfied with myself for being one of the first American MP3 bloggers to latch onto the insanely-catchy mojo of GNARLS BARKLEY's "Crazy." I certainly wasn't the first, since I would have learned of it from another blog to begin with. [Very possibly this one right (HERE).]

I first put the song on a mix CD in January of 2006, and it appeared on this blog on February 10 as part of the BEST OF JANUARY 2006 compilation (along with that other blogosphere fave of the day -- MIDLAKE's "Roscoe"). Of course, the song went on to be played to death in countries across the globe, but that MORRICONE-nicked bassline, those unapologetic, '70-styled strings, and that signature voice remain ingenious pieces of a classic, crossover joint.

Well, time marches on, and C.-L. and D.M. are back with the follow-up to ST. ELSEWHERE. Originally intended for an April 8 bricks-and-mortar release, THE ODD COUPLE has now been bumped up to March 25. Full-album leaks can have that effect, I guess....


MP3] "Surprise"

MP3] "Going On"

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