Friday, October 31


[MP3] JESSE MALIN/"Russian Roulette" [2008]

MP3] AC/DC/"Anything Goes" [2008]

MP3] ROBBIE WILLIAMS/"Supreme" [2000]

MP3] BEN KWELLER/"The Biggest Flower" [2008]

MP3] ISOBEL CAMPBELL & MARK LANEGAN/"Asleep on a Sixpence" [2008]

MP3] LILY ALLEN/"Everyone's at It" [2009]


Anonymous said...

God, I swear if I see one more picture of that goofy bastard...

Sad, he truly is the best the Democrats have to offer.

O, how the mighty have fallen.

neveroddoreven said...

Wish we had a politician here in the UK where the worst anyone could find to say about was he is too 'eloquent'...

Mr Blogger: would love more comments in your posts please! The content's good as ever but be great to hear what you think of the music you're posting.

Long time reader, first time etc,

Anonymous said...

Amazing. If that's the worst you've heard about Obama - you've not been keeping tabs.

Jami said...

Right on!

Unless he caves to Republican pressure too often, I'll never get sick of that handsome fella.

Niclas said...

Asleep on a sixpence...what a great song! Thanx!

Anonymous said...

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