Thursday, December 18



From the LP FIRST RODEO, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Not for Long"
MP3] "Black Crows"

From the EP LOOSE BOOTS, 2008 >>>
MP3] "Little Toy Gun"

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Hallo, I'm an affectionate reader of a Plague of Angels
and I hope you have a minute to listen to my songs.

My name's Alessandro, I was born in Argentina in late 70's but my parents
eventually moved to Europe escaping political persecutions. I live in Italy,
the glamorous land that (in a funk) is singing an aria of disappointment.

The first mini/ep is a modern view on the true story
of the sword of Damocles...

basically I write songs where I admit that I might be wrong.

I hope you dig it.. these are my very first songs..
I'll post more stuff in early 2009.

all the best

Alessandro / Casador

you cand download MP3s here