Thursday, February 12

WAXING NOSTALGIC #9 (04.28.03 --> 06.01.03)

Left-click [HERE] to download the following assortment of songs....


01 the pixies/here comes your man
02 bob mould/turning of the tide
03 tears for fears/shout
04 eurythmics/here comes the rain again
05 plastic bertrand/major tom
06 the sounds/rock'n roll
07 david bowie/afraid
08 fleetwood mac/steal your heart away
09 the hidden cameras/boys of melody
10 richard ashcroft/a song for the lovers
11 the new pornographers/all for swinging around you
12 red hot chili peppers/dosed
13 cracker/be my love
14 cousteau/no medication
15 mary chapin carpenter/passionate kisses
16 social distortion/bad luck
17 james mcmurtry/levelland
18 milla/it's your life



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