Thursday, April 3


Left-click [HERE] or [HERE] to download the TEA & SYMPHONY mix.


01 SONG FOR NICO marianne faithfull
02 THE MATADOR customs
03 GRAVEYARDS i was a king
04 GHOST OF LOVE weeping willows
05 KEY BISCAYNE chronic city [w/henri joel]
06 OVER YOU dear georgiana
07 NOSTALGIA reverend and the makers
08 BOYS ‘N’ ROSES lune
09 THE WOMAN DOWNSTAIRS the handsome family
10 THE MAN WHO TOLD EVERYTHING [summer version] doves
11 GOOD MISTAKE mr little jeans
12 LOOKAWAY coming soon
13 THE GREY AND GOLD fanfarlo
14 LONESOME RIDER the beth edges
15 GREEN GRASS joana serrat
16 SLEEPWALKING the chain gang of 1974
17 NIGHTINGALE the honey trees
18 NEVER GOING HOME phantogram
19 NICO the spectors
20 TANT QU’IL Y AURA remingway

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