Monday, September 1


[Argle bargle!  This computer change-over has proved rather aggressively vexing to my liquor-laced brain.  A "clusterfuck," as Shakespeare may have phrased it.  Alas, I did not receive any of the complaints, requests, or questions that may or may not have been lodged in the COMMENTS section of the previous two postings, as those were sent to my previous (now defunct) e-mail address.  That issue has since been remedied, so please feel free to complain, request, or question away.  Oh, and... here's music...]

Left-click [HERE] or [HERE] to download the LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST mix.


01 CLOSING TIME erland & the carnival
02 CHAMPIONS OF RED WINE the new pornographers
03 MY DESIRE interpol
04 HALFWAY TO HELL sheppard
05 GARDEN GRAYS wildcat! wildcat!
06 PARADIS PERDUS christine and the queens
07 HIGH young rising suns
08 ROOMMATE ladylike lily
09 SUMMER IN THE CITY freedom fry
10 AFTER THE STORM shovels & rope
11 JENNY JONES neighbors
12 CAROUSEL RIDE rubblebucket
13 ADDICTION sin cos tan
14 THEA [wawa hungry moon mix] goldfrapp
16 BFFs beach day
17 NOTHING’S COOL wakey!wakey!
18 GLORIOUS folding legs
19 FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION frank sinatra


Anonymous said...

ok. i'll try again…
some MP3 updates for you to adjust…



JOE GILLIS said...

Thank you for the updates. I will make those changes as soon as I can get to them.

Anonymous said...

may i continually be impressed with your music choices!

JOE GILLIS said...

Thanks again for alerting me to the dead links, Anonymous. Thanks for being a friend of the site....

Anonymous said...

I don't recall exactly what I wrote was something along the lines of having much the same experience as far as importing to iTunes on a Mac is involved. Interestingly, one tune imported correctly, but only that once. The rest I had to re-enter by hand...not a bad thing. It is somewhat intimizing.

Good luck to us all and doing well.