Thursday, January 1

2014: 34 ALBUMS

Yet another year flies by... and yet again I beg your indulgence by dumping some of my most beloved albums from that past year upon you. For that, you have my sympathies. My apologies. My gratitude.

This time 'round, because I'm listing so many, I've decided to save some space on the site and link the albums to my alternate blog. Therefore, you may locate the list by left-clicking

[Please understand:  The albums are not available for download. Too much risk for too little reward, I'm afraid to say. But there are links to each of the artists, and you may just stumble upon something that rubs you the right way (musically-speaking). Also:  You will notice that the albums are not listed in order of preference, but alphabetically by artist.]

Whether or not you choose to click on the link: May all of your New Year's resolutions come true. And may any lingering, head-splitting, stomach-stirring hangovers prove mercifully short-lived....

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