Friday, January 1

2015: 35 ALBUMS

On this day, it gives me great pains to say that the year 2015 has officially met its inevitable end. Still, incapacitated by nostalgic sadness as I am, I feel quite confident in positing that the year 2015 will ultimately go down in history as... "the year 2015." Whatever the Rapture-is-Upon-Us-People may mumble while speaking in tongues and building their bomb shelters -- Leviticus and Revelation swirling about them like so much unholy smoke -- one year tends to play out pretty much the same as the one that came before it and the one that will come after. All things considered: not such a catastrophous, Chicken Licken-clinging concept to wrap one's head around.

As I did in December 2014, I felt compelled in the waning days of 2015 to compile an alphabetical list of some of my favorite albums from the past annum. These were the albums that had me snapping my brittle, arthritic fingers and tapping my egregiously-fungusy feet. (Not to mention engaging in some spectacularly-miscalculated dancing.)

To see if they have a similar effect on you, simply left-click this boldly-bracketed-thing right -->> [HERE].

[PLEASE NOTE: These albums are not available for download from my site. With the record companies and RIAA forever-attempting to stick people like me in the stocks and present us as a collective, scarlet-lettered scourge, it's the best I can do to offer the mixes I do. That said, if you should indeed decide to do the left-clicky- thing on the boldly-bracketed-thing, you will find links to all of the artists -- as well as a mini-little-flaggy-thing that will provide you invaluable and fascinating insight into their places of origin.]

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