Wednesday, March 16


[A question: Is anybody out there not seeing the pic at the top of this post? Apparently, there may be some "technical difficulties" at play here that are affecting some folks. If you have a moment, please let me know by leaving a quick comment below. Thank you very much.]

Left-click [HERE] or [HERE] to download the ADAM & EVE EXCLUDED AT EASTER mix.


01 DREAMS the cranberries
02 IT’S ONLY A DREAM modern space
03 BOSPHORE grand blanc
04 HOWL francis
05 TURN BACK INTO STARS panic is perfect
06 BABY MOSES jordan klassen
07 TROUBLE cage the elephant
08 REVERIE chris isaak
09 WITH OUR TROUBLE gabrielle papillon
10 LONDON the wild wild
11 BARE wildes
12 I FOLLOWED YOU HOME eliot sumner
14 TO SEE YOU SMILE charity children
15 NIGHT FLIGHT astorian
16 UNDISCLOSED captain kid
17 DID YOU KNOW? the go! team
18 ALRIGHT supergrass
19 THE GREATEST cat power
20 SISTERS radical face
21 IT’S A MESS get well soon



Anonymous Indigo said...

Wot, no pic? cover?
No matter. Still a wonderful blog to behold...

1:56 PM  
Blogger JOE GILLIS said...

Not sure what you're referring to, Indigo. If you read this, maybe you could tell me a little bit more, and I'll see what I can do....

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

Sure, there's usually a picture/image (always??) that goes with each post but i don't see one for the adam & eve selection.

7:40 PM  
Blogger JOE GILLIS said...

Indigo, that's very confusing, as the pic shows up for me. I'll put a note up top to see if anybody is experiencing the same issue as you....

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

Joe, I checked and I see the image on my phone, but not my computer. I may be blocking it. I see all other pics though. Is the Adam/Eve post pic coming from a different place of every other pic? Indigo

9:25 AM  
Blogger JOE GILLIS said...

Indigo, no, the pic is coming from the same place as all the others. So this is all just very strange...

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Indigo said...

Joe, now that is strange, the pics all from the same place. I will try somefiguring out my end. It's no great problem, a curious one for sure though....

3:02 AM  

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