Thursday, February 16


R.I.P. Grandaddy.

That's where this post begins, as that's where the idea of shining a spotlight on a few bands that no longer live and breathe as music-making entities began. (Either that, or VH1's Bands Reunited; who the hell can tell?)

I'll get to Grandaddy at some later time, as a number of other blogs have already written that story and shined that light. Makes sense, too - as Grandaddy's demise at least comes with the casket-sized silver-lining of an impending legacy (the LP Just Like the Family Cat, V2 Music, May 9th).

With the Cardiff, Wales group Catatonia, on the other hand, no such mitigating factor seems to be in the offing. Four-plus years after calling it quits, lead singer Cerys Matthews has already moved on and released a well-reviewed (if little-heard) solo album (2003's Cockahoop).

All things considered, though, a ten-year run in today's dog-eat-doggier-than-ever music biz is nothing to sneeze or cast stones at, and Catatonia has left behind some solid songs to help alleviate the pain of their passing. Here's four-fifths of a handful...

From the LP International Velvet, 1998 >>>
[MP3] "Road Rage"
[MP3] "Mulder and Scully"

From the LP Equally Cursed & Blessed, 2000 >>>
[MP3] "Dazed, Beautiful & Bruised"

From the LP Paper Scissors Stone, 2001 >>>
[MP3] "Village Idiots"

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