Sunday, February 12


I just discovered Unbunny's 2004 album Snow Tires rather recently. It's not exactly an obvious knock-out, but repeated listens reveal it to be quite the sly little charmer.

Common camparisons with these guys tend to go to Elliott Smith, Neil Young, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Probably a smidgen of truth with each of them, I suppose, but Unbunny have their own little thing going on, and they deserve their own little spotlight.

[MP3] "I Leave Stones Unturned"

[MP3] "I Knock Things I Haven't Tried"

[MP3] "Nightwalking"

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c said...

i'm giving these a listen - neil young comparison (check); funny band name (check). that's all i need to know.

The Perm & The Skullet said...

Yeah, I really like his stuff. I just recently grabed Snow Tires and that track off of the Typist EP is great. Good minds think alike I guess.