Thursday, November 27


The Plymouth colonists celebrate the first Thanksgiving with the Wampanoag people. Afterward, tribal chief Massasoit [seated left-center, with tallest & most abundant head-feathers] speaks highly of the turkey, maize, and mussels, but heaps highest praise on settler Josiah Bacardi [standing right, with hunting sword, lobstertail helmet & "Ye Olde Worlde's Greateste Grandpa" mug] and his "devilishly addictive, crisp as a New England breeze" rum & cranberry concoction.
The younger members of the Lancaster family share a good laugh at the expense of their dog-loving, Alzheimer's-suffering grandparents, Joseph & Irene. Suffice it to say, that's not a turkey ol' Joe's about to carve!

Today is the day we Americans get even fatter than we already are chasing our collective tryptophan fix sitting on our collective fat ass watching Cowboys conquer and Lions lie down. As for me, I'm gonna eat me some pizza. Rake some leaves. Then take a nap or call 911 and commit Suicide-By-Cop. Whichever seems most appropriate at the time.

Since I'm sure many of this blog's usual visitors will be AWOL today, I'm going to risk doing something different. Which is to say: I'm going to deluge you with classical music until I've put you in a holiday mood (or sent you fleeing).

Fact is, a little non-pop-rock-blah-blah-blah may make for a welcome respite, so here goes....

Left-click [HERE] to download the classic(al) tracks.


01 VIVALDI/Concerto for 4 Violins in B Minor/1st Movement
02 PERGOLESI/Stabat Mater [excerpt]
03 MOZART/Turkish March
04 BEETHOVEN/5th Symphony/1st Movement
05 BRAHMS/Hungarian Dance #5
06 BIZET/Carmen/Habanera
07 MENDELSSOHN/4th Symphony/4th Movement
08 VAUGHAN WILLIAMS/Sea Songs/Quick March
09 PACHELBEL/Canon and Gigue for Strings
10 ORFF/Carmina Burana/O Fortuna/Fortune plango vulnera
11 GRIEG/Peer Gynt/Suite #1/In the Hall of the Mountain King
12 BRAHMS/Violin Concerto/3rd Movement
13 RACHMANINOV/Prelude in G Minor
14 ROSSINI/Carmen/Chanson du Toreador
15 VIVALDI/The Four Seasons/Winter/3rd Movement
16 PERGOLESI/Stabat Mater [excerpts]
17 MOZART/Concerto for 2 Pianos/3rd Movement
18 BACH/Wachet Auf (Sleepers, Awake)

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