Friday, January 20


Left-click [HERE] or [HERE] or [HERE] to download the TO FUCK WITH THE PRESIDENCY mix.


01 BELONG r.e.m.
02 KIDS CONSPIRE royal teeth
03 DIAMOND CITY graveyard club
04 TRAVELING LIGHT leonard cohen
05 TATTOO ON HER WRIST tinpan orange
06 YOU’RE GONNA GET LOVE keren ann
07 OH we cut corners 
08 DOWN BY LAW papa
09 SKIN AND BONES the wind & the wave
10 DOWN ON YOUR KNEES flora cash
11 EVERY YOU, EVERY ME placebo
12 MILLION DOLLAR DOLL britta phillips
13 LADY BITTERNESS broken back
14 SADIE AND THE FAT MAN benjamin dean wilson
15 CHASING A FEELING the narrative
16 DOPE ON A ROPE the growlers
17 DOWNTOWN still corners
18 SWEET DREAMS joseph
19 ME IN HONEY r.e.m. [w/kate pierson]

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