Thursday, January 5

2016: 16 ALBUMS

Here follow 16 musical artists and albums that I found worthy of note in the year 2016. Some of these you're no doubt familiar with; some of these, maybe not so much. Happy belated New Year, everybody. [Note: the albums themselves are not available for download from this site.]

LEONARD COHEN/you want it darker
CRONIN/the first kiss of love
ESCONDIDO/walking with a stranger
FROKEDAL/hold on dreamer
GRAVEYARD CLUB/cellar door
MICKEY 3D/sebolavy
MODERN SPACE/before sunrise
PART-TIME FRIENDS/fingers crossed
RADIOHEAD/a moon shaped pool
THE SLOW SHOW/dream darling
TELEMAN/brilliant sanity
THE WIND AND THE WAVE/happiness is not a place
WINTERSLEEP/the great detachment


Indy said...

Hello Joe, I am being asked or need to log on to googleaccount (I don't have one) to view this? Or is it me?

JOE GILLIS said...

Indy, my apologies. I'll try to make that page available in a different way sometime soon....

Indy said...

A gent! Regards... Indy