Sunday, January 7

BEST OF 2017 (PART 1)

Of the 393 songs that appeared on the 19 "regular" P of A mixes of 2017, here follow the 42 that most successfully insinuated themselves into my oft-soporific, oft-sentimental, oft-sodden, oft-sophomoric, oft-insensate, oft-insomnia-insensible subconscious.

[A note: I have recently succeeded in falling and fracturing my humerus -- something I do not begrudge to concede I do not find humorous in the least. Surgery, it would seem, shall follow shortly. In the meantime, I pledge to do my best to keep this site updated as most I can manage. Please do be patient with this incipient, nascent patient....] 

Left-click [HERE] or [HERE] to download the BEST OF 2017 (PART 1) mix.


01 KIDS CONSPIRE [extended mix] royal teeth
02 LET’S FALL IN LOVE mother mother
03 THINK kaleida
04 SIGN OF THE TIMES harry styles
05 NO PROMISES san fermin
06 OUIJA graveyard club
07 IN UNDERTOW alvvays
08 SECOND NATURE neil finn
10 TRAVELING LIGHT leonard cohen
11 IN AND OUT beth ditto
12 RAN future islands
13 OUT OF THE DARK dia frampton
15 HEART OF THE BEAT motel raphael
16 FENN tom rosenthal
17 LION WITH ME jenn grant
18 FEEL IT STILL portugal. the man
19 DOWN ON YOUR KNEES flora cash
20 SEPTEMBER el goodo
21 GOLDEN AGE the mynabirds

Go [HERE] and [HERE] to access past BEST OF mixes.


Indigo Sunhouse said...

Oh dear, I'm too late for PART 1 2017... oh wel,, I got part 2! :)

Indigo Sunhouse said...

What I mean to say is that the PART 1 2017 ZIP is corrupted....sadly...

JOE GILLIS said...

Just not sure what you're referring to here. The file works for me, and I've heard no others with corruption issues. You may wish to try the download again....