Sunday, January 7

2017: 20 ALBUMS

Here follow 20 albums that most thoroughly goosed my moose during the year 2017. Perhaps you're already familiar with them; perhaps it's better if you're not.  Nothing quite like having new music to investigate and evaluate; nothing quite like that prickly, electric thrill of discovery and that first blush of love.  So please do feel free to left-click on the artists' names in order to invoke additional information, sound samples, and the like....

[A note: For reasons I think you can quite comprehend, these albums are not available for download from this website.]
CAMERON AVERY/ripe dreams, pipe dreams
RICHARD EDWARDS/lemon cotton candy sunset
EL GOODO/by order of the moose
FAST ROMANTICS/american love
NEIL FINN/out of silence
GIANT ROOKS/new estate [ep]
HA HA TONKA/heart-shaped mountain
LOLA MARSH/remember roses
MOTHER MOTHER/no culture
ALEXANDRA SAVIOR/belladonna of sadness
THE SECRET SISTERS/you don't own me anymore
SIR SLY/don't you worry, honey
LUKE SITAL-SINGH/time is a riddle
SOLTERO/western medicine blues
VITA BERGEN/retriever
THE WILD REEDS/the world we built
WOLF PARADE/cry cry cry

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