Tuesday, January 3


[Sorry that I forgot to include the tracklist for the zip. Thanks to the three people who downloaded it anyway. On faith, I guess. Hope you're enjoying it. Tracklist now appears below. And regular updates should resume shortly.]

Well, I'm back from the near-dead after yet another one of my patented, week-long, kamikaze binges. I did manage to do one productive thing, which was to put together a collection of my favorite tunes from the last three months of 2005. I've posted a number of them here previously, but now you can grab them all in one snazzy (not to mention "handy-dandy") zip file by left-clicking [here].

1) Madonna/Hung Up
2) Depeche Mode/Precious
3) Dragonette/I Get Around
4) We Are Scientists/Inaction
5) Lucky Soul/My Brittle Heart
6) Belle and Sebastian/Another Sunny Day
7) The Cardigans/Good Morning Joan
8) Dave Matthews Band/American Baby
9) The Rosebuds/Leaves Do Fall
10) Split Squad/Hairless Youth of Bosnia
11) Bloc Party/Banquet
12) The Loose Salute/Photographs and Tickets
13) Editors/Blood
14) Matt Pond Pa/Several Arrows Later
15) Silver Jews/Punks in the Beerlight
16) Crooked Fingers/Call to Love
17) Goldspot/It's Getting Old
18) Pelle Carlberg/Summer of '69
19) The Fine Arts Showcase/Chemical Girl
20) The Coral Sea/In this Moment's Time
21) Delaware/Loss

I hope you enjoy them; I actually was sort of loving this collection while pouring enough vodka down my gullet to put John Belushi in a coma. Now, I have to go lay down and listen to my liver shriek & wheeze.

Happy 2006, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog :)


c said...

it was faith - not a bad thing :=)