Monday, January 23


As I wait for my favorite band on this particular planet to get its shit together for an expected [?] 2006 release, I stumble upon the news that their long-time producer, Nigel Godrich, will not be participating on the upcoming project. Apparently, they are considering Mark "Spike" Stent as a replacement - this a man who has worked with the likes of the Spice Girls and No Doubt. Granted, he has also worked with Bjork, Massive Attack, U2, and countless other decidedly less pop-gloss acts, but still....

In truth, though, I like the band's explanation for the change. After a decade of work with Godrich, they had become too "comfortable" with him and needed, essentially, to yank the rug out from under their own feet. Which is just fine by me. (I only wish R.E.M. would look to follow their lead.)

Today's offerings include some tracks that Radiohead have played live in the past few years that may or may not appear on the forthcoming album. Also, we have a very early demo from the band when they were still called On a Friday. They haven't written all that many "happy" songs since. Which, by the way, is just fine by me as well.

[MP3] "Last Flowers Till the Hospital" [live]/Thom Yorke [2005]

[MP3] "House of Cards" [live]/Thom Yorke [2005]

[MP3] "Reckoner" [live]/Radiohead

[MP3] "Arpeggi" [live]/Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood/The Nazareth Orchestra [2005]

[MP3] "Happy Song"/On a Friday [Radiohead] [1988]


hedvika said...

thanks much for this radiohead post. beautiful songs!

c said...

cool tracks. i am definitely going to see radiohead on the next tour - never seen them yet. as far as spike stent - i'm pretty sure he worked with u2 on pop as well as hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, both of which i loved....

Ash said...

Cheers for the songs, i can't wait for Radiohead to return!