Friday, April 7


I had planned on posting about April March right on the cusp of March 31/April 1, as would seem appropriate for fairly straightforward reasons. Alas, other posts prevailed, and the little lady from California has been relegated to a relatively random SaveFile Friday. Which is all the better, really - as I will feel no guilt in offering up an extra song or two for this weekend's conspicuous consumption.

April March - born "Elinore Blake" - is a bit of a mystery. She's been releasing music for about 15 years now, but she can't be bothered to operate her own website, and she obviously has significant interests beyond music. Painting, apparently, is one. And she was a writer and animator for cult fave Ren & Stimpy back in the '90s.

As for her music, much of it is French in character and, more often than not, language. She seems especially drawn to '60s-styled Europop and clearly has an appreciation for Serge Gainsbourg. But non-French-speakers (or understanders) should not shy away from sampling these not-so-delicate confections. "Charm" knows no language barrier. And "cute" is as timeless as the tides.

[Left-click, per SaveFile usual...]

[MP3] "Chick Habit"

[MP3] "Cet Air-La"

[MP3] "Mon Petit Ami"

[MP3] "La Chanson de Prevert"

[MP3] "Tu Mens"

[MP3] "While We're Young"


"..and i am the duke of ted" said...

check out for a RAD interview with April March

music is art said...

you have such a good collection of music on yr blog

keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

this blog is such a treasure! all music is fab! listen to april march "chick habit" from the white album!!!)