Wednesday, April 26


[This post was originally intended to run on April 12th, but a combination of accumulating health issues and booze-infused blackouts resulted in an unexpected, two-week shut-down for your humble host. Said health issues still linger; said blackouts are sure to resurface. In the meantime, though, I'll do my best to maintain at least semi-regular updates.]

This week's sweet, single-malt-whiskey-soaked sojourn in Scotland comes to a close with the very-American-sounding Texas. Fortunately, this is not some chewin'-tobacco, country-western collective from Texarkana; it's a semi-sleek/semi-soulful pop band from Glasgow. They've never seemed to get a hell of a lot of love from anywhere but the UK, and not even there so much anymore.

So let's go ahead and throw them a pity party....

From the LP Careful What You Wish For, 2003 >>>
[MP3] "Broken"
[MP3] "Careful What You Wish For"

From the LP The Hush, 1999 >>>
[MP3] "Summer Son"

From the LP White on Blonde, 1997 >>>
[MP3] "Black Eyed Boy"
[MP3] "Halo"


Wade said...

I'm a fan of Texas. Part of their problem might be their name. Texas and George Bush are not well thought of in most of Europe these days. We all know Texas is more that cowboys and ropin steers, but that is the first impression the name brings in Europe. Just a thought, but might ring true.

Thanks for the post.

"Betty" said...

Nice to see Texas gettin' a little some-pin' some-pin'...nice.

Chris said...

nice one! Add "Guitar Song" to the list, and it would be perfect! ;)