Monday, April 3


I missed the big Zutons-mania-thing that (apparently) accompanied the release of their 2004 album Who Killed the Zutons?. I seem to remember hearing *of* them, but I'm almost certain that I never heard any of their music. Or, if I did, it certainly didn't make much of an impression. Later, when Scissor Sisters experienced *their* relatively big mania-thing, I think it's entirely possible that I mistook them for the Zutons. Oops.

Regardless, the Zutons' new record, Tired of Hanging Around, comes out April 17th on Deltasonic Records. As it happens, it's not exactly my cup of tea (maybe a wee bit too hippy-dippy/white-boy funky for me).

Here are a couple of the songs that I liked more than the rest of the songs. (Lead single "Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?" is one of the better ones as well.)

[MP3] "Secrets"

[MP3] "You've Got a Friend in Me"


c said...

hippy dippy white boys rule!
seriously, i was with you for the first half of your post, but i have to say, though i only recently "discovered" these guys - i actually really dig them.

simon said...

Who Killed the Zutons? was brilliant. "Don't Ever Think (Too Much)" off of it is fantastic. I don't think you missed any big Zutons-mania-thing as I don't really recall anyone over here in North America really hyping them.

Kamagra said...

I don't miss them, I got thanks God all the days for this people is not here in this moment, how can you say that are a good band, I mean them music was bad, and all the members of the band has a dumb face.