Friday, June 2


You may already have many of these, but where else will you find them so attractively packaged? (Ha.) (Enjoy.)

Please left-click [here] for said attractive package.


01) Delerium [w/Sarah McLachlan]/Silence (Airscape) [remix]
02) Stina Nordenstam/Parliament Square (The Knife) [remix]
03) Boy Kill Boy/On and On
04) The Pipettes/Pull Shapes
05) Director/Reconnect
06) Camera Obscura/Let's Get Out of This Country
07) Mojave 3/Breaking the Ice
08) Tilly and the Wall/Sing Songs Along
09) Brendan Benson/Gold Into Straw
10) The Channels/Lizard Fish Skull

11) The Charlatans UK/Blackened Blue Eyes
12) Elefant/Brasil
13) The Mystery Jets/You Can't Fool Me Dennis
14) The Ark/This Piece of Poetry is Meant to Do You Harm
15) Bic Runga/Get Some Sleep
16) Bjorn Kleinhenz/Pocket of Gold
17) Hello Saferide/Long Lost Penpal
18) My Life Story/Sparkle
19) Asobi Seksu/Thursday
20) The Upper Room/Kill Kill Kill
21) McAlmont and Butler/Falling


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