Sunday, June 18


This could have just been endless remixes of "Cat's in the Cradle." Instead, it'll be a zipped mix appropriate to the day. Ironically, perhaps, my father would not be particularly fond of this collection. After all: no Enya.

Please "right-click/save as" for this [one].


01) Gavin Friday [w/Bono]/In the Name of the Father
02) The New Pornographers/Your Daddy Don't Know
03) Noblesse Oblige/Daddy (Don't Touch Me There)
04) Madonna/Oh Father
05) The Divine Comedy/Your Daddy's Car
06) Sort Sol/Daddy Howard in Queens
07) Bob Dylan/Father of Night

08) The Violent Femmes/Gone Daddy Gone
09) The Mighty Roars/Daddy Oh
10) Morrissey/Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
11) Tori Amos/Father Lucifer
12) Placebo/Daddy Cool
13) Toni Childs/Daddy's Song
14) The Magnetic Fields/Papa Was a Rodeo

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