Monday, June 26


Saturna is a Portland, Oregon three-piece who list Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Dandy Warhols, and Catherine Wheel as some of their influences. Indeed, you can get a pretty good idea of the sonic range of the band from the two songs below. Both appear on their debut EP ...All Night, which will be out July 11 (though you can buy it from CD Baby right [here], right now).

Saturna on MySpace.

[MP3] "Pop Rocks"

[MP3] "Chasing the Unpredictable"

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, these guys are awesome. I caught them a few years back at the shoegazer ball in portland and they played a mean cover of Ride's Leave Them All Behind. If you get a chance to see their show, don't miss it.

John (Seattle)