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British Columbia, Canada's IMMACULATE MACHINE are a dual-gendered, indie-rock trio with multiple ties to the THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS. At the most basic level, group members BROOKE GAULLUPE (vocals/guitar), KATHRYN CALDER (vocals/ keyboards), and LUKE KOZLOWSKI (vocals/drums) share a record label (MINT) with their more famous countrymen. They've also shared producers with them and supported them on tour. Ms. Calder, specifically, has filled in for NEKO CASE both on the road and on disc (TWIN CINEMA). Oh, and... Calder just happens to be A.C. NEWMAN's niece -- a fact the two of them discovered only recently.

One could also say that there's some common ground when it comes to the two groups' sound(s). All three members of Immaculate Machine write and sing, and there's a certain rollicking, seemingly-loose-yet-completely-controlled quality to the harmonies and melodies that is resonant of the Pornographers.

Immaculate Machine's second full-length album, FABLES, was released June 12 and features guest help from FRANZ FERDINAND's ALEX KAPRANOS and ARCADE FIRE's OWEN PALLETT.


IMMACULATE MACHINE on the move >>>

Jul 26 2007 10:00P/Townehouse Tavern/Sudbury, Ontario
Jul 27 2007 9:00P/Zaphod Beeblebrox/Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 28 2007 8:00P/Hillside Festival/Guelph Lake, Ontario
Jul 31 2007 8:00P/Alex P. Keaton/London, Ontario
Aug 1 2007 9:00P/Horseshoe Tavern/Toronto, Ontario
Aug 2 2007 9:00P/The Jane Bond/Waterloo, Ontario
Aug 3 2007 8:00P/Ford Plant/Brantford
Aug 5 2007 9:00P/Divan Orange/Montreal, Quebec
Aug 8 2007 9:00P/Gus' Pub/Halifax, Nova Scotia
Aug 9 2007 9:00P/Brennans/Charlottetown, Prince

From the LP FABLES, 2007 >>>
MP3] "Dear Confessor"
MP3] "Nothing Ever Happens"

From the LP ONES AND ZEROS, 2005 >>>
MP3] "Latest Breaking News"
MP3] "Phone No."
[VID] "So Cynical"

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