Friday, July 20


As I continue to methodically make my way through my old mix CDs, I keep stumbling upon random pockets of nostalgia....

Round about 1995, a friend of mine in L.A. introduced me to the band SUN-60. They weren't big then (though DAVE NAVARRO worked with them for a short time), and they would officially break up the following year, but I liked a number of their songs and asked my friend to put together a CD for me (I wouldn't enter the CD-burning age until 1999).

I can't remember the exact tracklist of that first CD-R, but I know that Sun-60's "Responsible" was on it, as well as all of the bonus tracks below. It's hard for me to believe that 12 years have passed since that time. At this rate, I'll be dead before I know it.

MP3] "Responsible"

MP3] "Tell Me Like You Know"

MP3] "Hold On"



[MP3] TORI AMOS/"Losing My Religion"

[MP3] SUGAR/"If I Can't Change Your Mind"

[MP3] MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER/"Passionate Kisses"

[MP3] BELLY/"Now They'll Sleep"

[MP3] THE JUDYBATS/"Lullaby (Weren't We Wild)"

[MP3] SINEAD O'CONNOR/"Streets of London"


Rob Howard said...

Geesh - in 95 I put these songs on a ancient repository called a cassette - I think Natalie Merchant was on there too.

Jugs said...

please re-upload Sun 60's Responsible and also Middle Of My Life and Should Have Seen The Moon.