Monday, July 16


Because I want to get a couple more songs out to you today -- and because my energy is flagging -- I'm going to do something I never do: Directly regurgitate some press-release propaganda for you to parse for yourself. Most importantly, of course, the songs are waiting for you at the bottom of the post.

THE LOOSE SALUTE was founded by IAN McCUTCHEON, the drummer for a long-time fave outfit of mine -- MOJAVE 3.

"The Loose Salute is essentially a pop group, with both folk and country overtones that draws songwriting influences from the likes of THE BYRDS, THE BEACH BOYS, THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS, THE EAGLES, and LEONARD COHEN."

"Some of the more contemporary comparisons include the work of ELLIOTT SMITH, THE BEACHWOOD SPARKS, THE TYDE, WILCO, THE SHINS, MIDLAKE, and DR. DOG."

"The English band’s debut album, TUNED TO LOVE, is a record full of summer sounds and nostalgia."

For those of you in London on July 18, the Loose Salute will be playing a free show at Heavenly Social at 8 PM.


MP3] "Turn the Radio Up"

MP3] "Photographs and Tickets"

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