Wednesday, August 8


Sorry, but there are only so many things I can tell you about JESCA HOOP.

There are the things I can tell you:

1) She's from California.

2) She's an ex-Mormon.

3) She has toured with THE POLYPHONIC SPREE.

4) She was TOM WAITS' nanny.

5) Her somewhat kooky name perfectly reflects her somewhat kooky musical sensibilities.

6) Her debut LP, KISMET, will be available for purchase on September 18.


[MP3] "Money"

MP3] "Dreams in the Hollow"

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Anonymous said...

Other tidbits bout Jesca Hoop

She Broke station records with her 6 min. Demo Seed of Wonder in 2005 on KCRW morning becomes eclectic.

After this she released Silverscreen Demos.

She is from a family of 5
1 sister 3 brothers and has been known to bring her sister and her brother on stage with her to back her up from time to time.

She wrote one of her songs called "Intelligent Tactile" about the development of her sister carissa's baby while she was pregnant.Her sister was also in the studio with her while she was pregnant for the recording of "Intelligent Tactile"

After this she released Silverscreen Demos.

On Her album Kismet she worked with artists such as Matt Chamberlin, Stuart Copeland and the Yoshida Bros. Damian Anthony, Tony Berg and Jesca all produced the album.

She has also worked with Stuart Copeland on other projects.

She comes from a very musical background in which her whole family were taught to harmonize to old folk songs and murder ballads as well as being classically trained due to her families devotion to chamber style singing.

She is an amazing actress as well.

She used to ride a skate board and on any given day may be found painted blue wearing a blue tootoo.

She is as quirky as she seems and her personality shines through her work.

She has many many incredible pieces of music yet to be released.