Monday, August 13


Louisville, Kentucky's VHS OR BETA are very aptly named. Their retro dance-pop sound harkens back to the '80s, when the VHS and Betamax formats were at each other's throats. I, of course, had my money on Betamax, which is why I'm nothing more than a poor, misguided MP3 blogger now. Sad, sad, sad....

VHS or Beta's new LP, BRING ON THE COMETS, will arrive on August 28. Here's a preview....


VHS or BETA on the move >>>

Aug 28 2007 8:00P/Great Scott/Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 29 2007 10:00P/Bowery Ballroom/New York, New York
Aug 30 2007 12:00A/Studio B/Brooklyn, New York
Aug 31 2007 10:45P/Johnny Brendas/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 1 2007 11:30P/Rock N Roll Hotel/Washington, Washington DC
Sep 2 2007 11:00P/Grog Shop/Cleveland, Ohio
Sep 3 2007 8:30P/Subterranean/Chicago, Illinois
Sep 4 2007 8:00P/Subterranean/Chicago, Illinois
Sep 5 2007 10:15P/7th St. Entry/Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sep 7 2007 12:00P/Larimer Lounge/Denver, Colorado

MP3] "Can't Believe a Single Word"

MP3] "Love in My Pocket"


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Greece.

I have spent the last couple of days downloading music from your blog. It seems to me that we are keen to exactly the same kind of music. Therefore, I have kept downloading tones of stuff, uploading them on my ipod and I am heading to the islands for my holidays with good music.

Thank you and keep up...

molotov said...

Thanks for the note, Greece. It gives me great joy that people in far-flung places are finding the music they encounter here useful/pleasurable.