Tuesday, September 11


VELOCETTE: mystery artist du jour. No websites. No pics. British. Girl singer. Cute voice. SARAH CRACKNELL-esque. NINA PERSSON-esque. "Bitterscene": '80s-twee meets pre-murderous PHIL SPECTOR. "Submarines": airy-fairy (in a good way) dream-pop. "Get Yourself Together": the song they're most known for (apparently).

All selections taken from the 1999 LP FOURFOLD REMEDY, which CD UNIVERSE suggests may have been re-released (someplace or another) on August 28 of this year.

And that's all I've got.

MP3] "Bitterscene"

MP3] "Submarines"

[VID] "Get Yourself Together"


Joao said...

Hi Mototov! Very nice group!

I have found something about them at:


There is a picture and the following text:

"Not too long after the demise of Comet Gain in early 1997, four out of the five members continued on to grab England's attention with their new project Velocette. Immediately after they released their first single "Get Yourself Together," the press coverage started pouring in from both NME and Melody Maker -- who placed their aforementioned song as "Single of the Week" not too long after they got their hands on it. After countless gigs and headlining tours all throughout their home land in 1998, their trademark sounds were finally documented on their first full length entitled Fourfold Remedy. Merging elements of crazed rhythms, jazzy beats on top of relaxed folk openings that progress into explosive guitar chords, Velocette take the prize for pulling off their own unique sound. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide"

and a more complete biography, with picture, at:


In Amazon (sorry for the publicity) there is a Japanese edition of "Fourfold Remedy" with 3 bonus track (Sister, Perfume, and Slow Dancing Angels), but they don't say anything about if this is the re-releasing of the album...

There is also another Velocette, but this is a guy from San Francisco playing techno or something close to it...

It seems that now they are not so "mysterious", after all... ;)

Thanks again for the post!

molotov said...

Thanks for digging up all that information, Joao. It's very much appreciated (despite the fact that it reveals me to be the world's laziest researcher). Oh well... I'll lean on my usual crutch: It's the music that matters the most.