Wednesday, June 8


I can't remember where I first heard of the Spinto Band. Somewhere on the Internet, to be sure, but I can't seem to recall where I initially stumbled upon their MP3s. But what I heard, I liked, so I set about trying to locate some of their work - an album, EP, single, whatever. Alas, I came up empty.

Then, about a week ago, Songs:Illinois tipped me to the fact that their first LP, Nice and Nicely Done, would be coming out on June 7 on Bar/None Records. And so it did.

Below are the MP3s that turned me on to these seven(!) guys to begin with. You can find more of their MP3s here: TheSpintoBand (though these efforts seem somewhat more sketchy and juvenile).

"Oh Mandy"/The Spinto Band
OhMandy-TheSpintoBand-mp3 [left-click]

"Brown Boxes"/The Spinto Band
BrownBoxes-TheSpintoBand-mp3 [left-click]

"Trust vs. Mistrust"/The Spinto Band
TrustVs.Mistrust-TheSpintoBand-mp3 [left-click]

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