Tuesday, June 28


Far be it from me to go more than a few days without posting a Canadian artist on this blog. Tegan and Sara, at least, aren't from the city of Montreal - they're from the far less exotique cow-town of Calgary (no offense... er... offence, Calgarians). More interesting, perhaps, is the fact that these two are not only twin sisters, but also both openly lesbian. (Sounds like a stunningly unfunny scenario for ex-SNLer Rob Schneider, no?)

On their first, mostly acoustic record, Tegan and Sara sounded more like Ani DiFranco than Indigo Girls. Since then, they've opened up their sound a bit - even throwing in some rather appealing New Wave elements on last year's So Jealous. To my ears, it's the best work they've done. Then again, it should be noted that I do have a bit of a jones for the '80s, in general, and the Go Go's, in particular. So there you go.

"I Know I Know I Know"/Tegan and Sara [from the LP So Jealous, 2004]
I Know I Know I Know-mp3 [left-click]

"Underwater"/Tegan and Sara [from the LP If It Was You, 2003]
Underwater-mp3 [left-click]

"More for Me"/Tegan and Sara [from the LP This Business of Art, 2000]
More for Me-mp3 [left-click]


Anonymous said...


Only one of them is lesbian.
The other one is bi.


molotov said...

Ah, my bad on that one, then. And my apologies. Will correct with my next post. Thanks for the info.