Sunday, July 31


About a year or so ago, I signed up with eMusic for a trial membership that netted me 50 free downloads. Then, a couple of weeks ago, they e-mailed me. Seems that they missed me and wanted me back. Well, it's good to be wanted, so I've re-upped with them for another free trial (and 40 more downloads). Here's a handful of the songs I've extracted thus far...

[MP3] [left-click] The Wedding Present/"Interstate 5" [Extended Version]
[MP3] [left-click] All Girl Summer Fun Band/"Becky"
[MP3] [left-click] Okkervil River/"A Glow"
[MP3] [left-click] Mary Lou Lord/"Turn Me Round"
[MP3] [left-click] Say Hi to Your Mom/"Recurring Motifs in Historical Flirtings"

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