Wednesday, July 20


Terrible, terrible movie. I don't care if you're queer, queer-curious, or just plain "arty": it's an unwatchable, directionless mess. BUT... the soundtrack is pretty swell (and worth it for Radiohead fans for Thom Yorke's Bryan Ferry impersonation alone).

As is pretty much always the case, there are some terrific songs in the film that, for one reason or another, never made it to the soundtrack. So, today, we'll listen to a few of those, and throw in an unrelated but great Patti Smith tune that fits the "glittery" theme. [Incidentally, Michael Stipe co-produced Velvet Goldmine and sings back-up on the Patti track, so things sort of come full-circle.]

"Cosmic Dancer"/T. Rex [from the LP Electric Warrior, 1971]
Cosmic Dancer-mp3 [left-click]

"Dead Finks Don't Talk"/Brian Eno [from the LP Here Come the Warm Jets, 1974]
Dead Finks Don't Talk-mp3 [left-click]

"Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)"/Gary Glitter [from the LP Touch Me, 1973]
Do You Wanna Touch Me-mp3 [left-click]

"Sebastian"/Cockney Rebel [from the LP The Human Menagerie, 1974]
Sebastian-mp3 [left-click]

"Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)/Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel [from the LP The Best Years of Our Lives, 1975]
Make Me Smile-mp3 [left-click]

"Glitter in Their Eyes"/Patti Smith [w/Michael Stipe] [from the LP Gung Ho, 2000]
Glitter in Their Eyes-mp3 [left-click]

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