Sunday, July 17


Well, I'm back after a week of disappearing down the rabbit-hole (and let me just say: when one is engaging in a big-time binge, alcohol is the king of kings, but in inevitable, subsequent withdrawal, valium is dandy as candy). Regardless, I wanted to spotlight my favorite group of the mid-'80s today, the Cars. For some reason, I've decided to do so by way of their now-deceased bass player, Benjamin Orr. He was also their co-lead singer (with Ric Ocasek), but I'm sure many people were never aware of that, as their voices are (were) not altogether dissimilar. Orr's was a bit smoother, perhaps; Ocasek's... well... kookier.

Whatever the case, here are four Cars songs on which Orr sings lead - as well as Orr's one solo semi-hit, "Stay the Night." (This, by the way, should not be confused with the Chicago song of the same name, though both suffer from that '80s-slickness production style that practically oozes out of one's speakers like processed cheese through a Spam grinder. Still: sort of darn charming, if I do say so myself.)

"Just What I Needed"/The Cars [from their self-titled LP, 1978]
Just What I Needed-mp3 [left-click]

"Drive"/The Cars [from the LP Heartbeat City, 1983]
Drive-mp3 [left-click]

"Let's Go"/The Cars [from the LP Candy-O, 1979]
Let's Go-mp3 [left-click]

"All Mixed Up"/The Cars [from their self-titled LP, 1978]
All Mixed Up-mp3 [left-click]

"Stay the Night"/Benjamin Orr [from the Benjamin Orr LP The Lace, 1986]
Stay the Night-mp3 [left-click]


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