Thursday, July 21


Took me a while to compile my list this time around, but here are the winners - so breathlessly awaited by the world. [Again, the numbers refer not to ranking of preference, just to the general track-order.]

1. Salim Nourallah/"1978" [courtesy of songs: illinois]
2. New Rhodes/"I Wish I Was You" [MP3] [left-click]
3. The High Dials/"The Holy Ground"
4. Weezer/"This is Such a Pity"
5. The Raveonettes/"Ode to L.A."
6. Kent/"Du Ar Anga"
7. Stars/"Ageless Beauty"
8. Levy/"Rotten Love" [MP3] [left-click]
9. Kaiser Chiefs/"I Predict a Riot"
10. Great Lakes Myth Society/"Across the Bridge"
11. Ed Harcourt/"Loneliness" [MP3] [left-click]
12. Spoon/"The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine"
13. The Decemberists/"We Both Go Down Together"
14. Maplewood Lane/"Wildwood Drive" [courtesy of largehearted boy]
15. Lola Barbershop/"The Girl in the Recordstore" [courtesy of swedesplease]
16. Eisley/"Golly Sandra"
17. Marjorie Fair/"Waves" [MP3] [left-click]
18. Shout Out Louds/"Very Loud"
19. Atherton/"California" [MP3] [left-click]
20. British Sea Power/"Please Stand Up" [courtesy of Torr]
21. Hello Saferide/"Valentine's Day" [MP3] [left-click]
22. Gustav & the Seasick Sailors/"Angels Fable" [MP3] [left-click]

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