Thursday, September 8


David Gray (he of "Babylon" semi-fame some half-decade ago) releases his new album, Life in Slow Motion, on September 13th. To my ears, it sounds right in line with the rest of what he's done. Still, middle-of-the-road/ adult-contemporary as it may be, it remains quite likeable. And, seeing as I'm now just some half-decade from the big 4-0, I'd better start developing more of a jones for this sort of stuff.

My two favorite songs from the new record are the opener, "Alibi," with it's slow, dramatic intro and '70s-era Hollies climax, and "Nos de Caraid," which features a more insistent piano-line (reminiscent of Don Henley's "New York Minute") and high harmony vocals on the chorus. Neither song quite attains transcendence, but both would no doubt fit just fine on a mix CD sandwiched between tracks by, say, Dido and Annie Lennox. And there are certainly worse things in this world than that.

[MP3] [left-click] "Alibi" [from the LP Life in Slow Motion, 2005]

[MP3] [left-click] "Nos de Caraid" [from the LP Life in Slow Motion, 2005]

[MP3] [left-click] "Caroline" [from the LP A New Day at Midnight, 2002]

[MP3] [left-click] "This Year's Love" [from the LP White Ladder, 2000]

[MP3] [left-click] "Please Forgive Me" [from the LP White Ladder, 2000]

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