Thursday, September 29


Chicago popsters OK Go released their sophomore album, Oh No, on August 30th. For me, the jury's still out on whether or not it's as inherently and insanely catchy as their debut (or, for that matter, if this second effort exhibits substantial advances in musical maturity). But then again, who the hell cares? I'll take my melodic pop wherever, whenever, and however I find it. And you can find some of it right here...

[MP3] [left-click] "Let It Rain" [from the LP Oh No, 2005]

[MP3] [left-click] "Here It Goes Again" [from the LP Oh No, 2005]

[MP3] [left-click] "There's a Fire" [from their self-titled LP, 2002]

[MP3] [left-click] "1000 Miles Per Hour" [from their self-titled LP, 2002]


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