Wednesday, November 16


Seems that my pre-sleep weariness this morning got in the way of the facts re: Gustav & the Seasick Sailors. The LP Vagabond's Polka is, in fact, the band's debut album, while the one coming out in March of 2006 is to be entitled SIRKUS. The first three MP3s below are from the debut, while "Angels Fable" will appear on the sophomore disc.

Gustav e-mailed me again to say that, while Vagabond's Polka was more of a "singer/songwriter" type of effort, SIRKUS will have a more "raw, gypsy kinda quality." The infectious "Angels Fable" would certainly suggest that that's true.

I should be able to offer up a couple more tracks from SIRKUS as the March release date approaches. In the meantime, scroll down and check out the back-catalogue.

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