Saturday, November 5


Thanks again must go to Chris the Swiss at Music of the Moment for so generously sending me an extra song by Madrugada. For some reason, it put me in mind of a favorite song of mine that I'd yet to post here, so now seems as good a time as any.

I'm not sure that the songs sound all that much alike - the Madrugada settles into a nice soothing groove and stays pretty consistent to it (Tindersticks-esque, methinks). The other song is by Craig Armstrong and Paul Buchanan. Armstrong worked with Massive Attack and is also a soundtrack guy (Romeo + Juliet; Ray), while Buchanan was (and perhaps still is) the lead singer of the Blue Nile. I love how the strings and vox build to such an emotional crescendo on their collaboration, and I always find myself putting it between Portishead's great live version of "Roads" and the Smiths' "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" on mix CDs. So, what the hell, I guess I'll go ahead and post those, too. Enjoy the mood...

[MP3] [left-click] "Let's Go Out Tonight"/Craig Armstrong & Paul Buchanan [from the Craig Armstrong LP The Space Between Us, 1998]

[MP3] [left-click] "Roads"/Portishead [from the LP PNYC, 1998]

[MP3] [left-click] "There is a Light That Never Goes Out"/The Smiths [from the LP The Queen is Dead, 1986]

[MP3] [left-click] "Majesty"/Madrugada [from the LP Grit, 2002]


Chris said...

I just love "Let's Go Out Tonight"... absolutely wonderful song!!! It was once used for a very sad ending of an episode of Six Feet Under, btw. Discovered it there, and it made me buy music from Armstrong and the Blue Nile... excellent artists, both of them!

peer 2 peer said...

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MisterB said...

Would it be possible to put the Madrugada songs online again? At least "The Kids Are On High Street"? Please?