Sunday, December 18


Jeff Hanson's self-titled LP from 2005 didn't quite make my Top 10, but it nearly got there on the strength of the following three songs alone.

I guess some people are bothered by the sheer "femininity" of Hanson's voice. Personally, I find it bewitching.

Also, the elegant melodies have an early-to-mid '70s/Jim Croce thing going on. And this old man finds THAT rather bewitching as well.

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "This Time It Will"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "Welcome Here"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "I Know Your Name"

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Fried Rice said...

thanks a lot, he's really good!
i think i might have to buy one of his albums...