Saturday, December 24


I hate religion. All of it. All of them. Doesn't matter how long they've been around or how many members they claim to have; they're all cults based on utter nonsense. I'd just as soon believe in ghosts (oh, wait a minute, there are whole RELIGIONS that believe in ghosts), UFOs, Big Foot, or the possibility of the United States electing Hillary Clinton president in 2008.

Yet, something like 90% of Americans believe in some sort of deity. Talk about mass delusion.... Makes me want to tear my skin off and set my eyes on fire.

All of this is to say that I have rather bitter feelings toward Christmas. But then, this is supposed to be a place for the sharing of music - nothing more - and all are welcome here. Just please leave your faith at the door; it'll be waiting for you when you leave.

End of rant (till this same time next year) (or, maybe, Easter).

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] Jeff Buckley/"Corpus Christi Carol"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] Ben Folds/"Jesusland"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] Morrissey/"I Have Forgiven Jesus"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] Treble Charger/"Christ is on the Lawn"

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] The Whitlams/"Jesus Has Got an Erection (And I'm in the Mood for Romance)" [live]


Anonymous said...

You say you hate ALL religions, but only seem to have an issue with Christianity judging by your title and the songs youve picked.

molotov said...

Yeah, this is my own personal War on Christmas. Next time I'll post "The Draydl Song" and some catchy-ass Muslim folk music. All of which is to say: Fuck you, shithead.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like atheism is your religion. Webster's says religion is defined as "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith" .

And I guess since you say religion is stupid, fake, and false then it MUST mean it is.

Good thing your open-minded.

Anonymous said...

Atheism is a word coined by believers (i think to describe people who don't believe what they believe. "Atheists" have no interest in religions wholesale. They like to think for their selves, wear what they like, love who they like and go where they like.

Religion is a man made construct. Try to think for yourself, look around the world, take a deep breath... you see?