Tuesday, December 27


[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "You Are My Sister" [live]/Antony & the Johnsons [Late Show with David Letterman]

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "In the Sun" [live]/Michael Stipe with Coldplay [Joseph Arthur cover/Austin City Limits]

[MP3] [right-click/"save as"] "Nightswimming" [live]/Michael Stipe with Coldplay [R.E.M. song/Austin City Limits]


c said...

that's amazing. their voices sound great together on the joseph arthur track. thanks for those mp3s.

tobias said...

thanks a ton! i heard about this but missed it.

lisa said...

I saw the show last month. Coldplay was amazing; bringing Michael Stipe in was genius. I've been looking for these mp3s ever since. thanks!

Anonymous said...

MICHAEL STIPE ROCKS!!! I'm going to see coldplay in february, which will be awesome. I'm the biggest REM fan however and I nearly crapped myself in pure disbelief when Coldplay introduced STipe on ACL! And to top it off, they played one of my fav. REM songs "nightswimming"...and to top THAT off, i thought michael vocals were vintage on the "in the sun" cover. -Gabriel