Sunday, August 6


Seeing as tomorrow is some sort of holiday in the great northern nation of Canada, I thought I'd finally get around to posting a couple songs by the Flints. Fact is, I had intended to post on the Flints a long, long time ago, but so many better, more popular blogs had already covered them that I thought: What the hell's the point? Well, I recently re-discovered a couple of their songs on one of my old mix CDs, and it occurred to me that not everybody who stops by here has necessarily heard about these guys.

"These guys," by the way, are Stan Flint and Al Huizenga, a couple of friends from Toronto who craft unabashedly sunny, Beatles-esque pop songs. Five of these songs - including the two below - can be found on their EP There Used to Be a Time. Said EP can be purchased at CDBaby [here].

The Flints' MySpace page is [here].

[MP3] "Laugh With Me"

[MP3] "Girl"


In keeping with today's '60s pop vibe, I thought I'd offer up a couple more tracks from the Pipettes' debut CD, We Are the Pipettes, which I have been enjoying to an almost ridiculous extent. (And no, they're not from Canada; they're from the UK, which is close enough.)

[MP3] "Judy"

[MP3] "Tell Me What You Want"

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