Thursday, August 10


If I'd had a blog back in 2004 and had compiled a Top 10 album list for that year, Guster's Keep It Together would have likely made my top five. So it was with much anticipation that I popped their new record, Ganging Up on the Sun, into my CD player and punched PLAY. Alas, beware great expectations....

Way back in 1999, I wrote a review of Guster's then most recent release, Goldfly. At the time, I referred to them as a "bongo-pop band," as they did seem to have an affinity for that particular instrument back in the day. I also made the point that the trio had made whatever reputation it had at the time through its tireless touring and eagerly-received live performances. In reviewing the album, however, I found their sound to be somewhat generic. I compared them to everyone from Counting Crows to Gin Blossoms; Rusted Root to Ben Folds Five. Well, what goes around comes around, I guess, as the Ben Folds reference seems fresh and fitting again on Ganging Up's piano-poppy "Manifest Destiny." And "One Man Wrecking Machine" - one of the new album's true highlights - nonetheless veers uncomfortably close to mid-tempo Fountains of Wayne.

The last point I made in my Goldfly review of yesteryear was that it sometimes takes time for performance-oriented bands to find their feet in the recording studio. Hell, some never do.

But Guster proved with Keep It Together that they could master the recorded form by expanding their sound and slickening it up without selling out to the suits. Production-wise, Ganging Up on the Sun continues in the same expansive, layered vein, but the tunes just aren't as sharp as the ones that appeared on its predecessor. The melodies just aren't as memorable. And the second half of the record drags a bit, pace-wise.

Still, Guster has made great strides in their 14 or so years of existence, and there's every reason to believe that their next album could be an absolute masterpiece. In the meantime, I'll pull Keep It Together off the shelf, shake off the dust, pop it into my CD player, and punch PLAY.

Guster's MySpace page.

[Guster will be performing with members of the Boston Pops on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tonight. Check your local listings.]

From the LP Ganging Up on the Sun, 2006 >>>
[MP3] "Satellite"
[MP3] "The New Underground"

From the LP Keep It Together, 2004 >>>
[MP3] "Careful"
[MP3] "Amsterdam"

From the LP Goldfly, 1997 >>>
[MP3] "Rocketship"


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Anonymous said...


Wanted to send you a note about Guster and Jeff Garlin doing a podcast together. Hopefully it is something you might enjoy.

Here's is what the band had to say about it:

Here's the deal with the "collaboration" between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Guster. It's not a Season Six band cameo on the show. I wish. But it's the next best thing, a five-episode podcast of a long, winding conversation between two Guster members (the singer and the drummer) and our friend Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry's agent on the show.

If you have people in your life who like Curb Your Enthusiasm but don't know Guster, or vise versa, this is your chance to get them hooked on our.... conversational... skills? Having befriended Jeff at our Central Park show two years ago, we thought a mutual podcast would be interesting since we like his comedy and he likes our music. Around the time we were finishing up "Ganging Up on the Sun" we actually went into the studio with Jeff and recorded it. A lot of topics get covered since it's almost an hour long. This might be the deepest Guster interview to date. Don't fear the podcast.

Now for the technical stuff…

A ten-minute episode will become available, for free, every Monday in October, with the first podcast being released on October 2. If you are interested in hosting these Podcasts (which we really hope you are) you can download them each week here:

Thanks for your consideration. Both Guster and Jeff would really appreciate your support on these podcasts. We can guarantee they will be a good listen!

Please email regarding any questions or opportunities.

Team Guster

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