Wednesday, August 30


Considering the fact that I'm albino-white, utterly assless, and possess all the groove, grind, and grace of Rush Limbaugh on an Oxycontin-and-crack cocktail, it seems more than passing strange that I enjoy dance-rock music as much (and as often) as I do. Call it overcompensation.

Oakland, CA's the Lovemakers make quite the raucous racket on their debut album, Times of Romance. They may remind some of an amped-up Human League (and some may already be familiar with their falsetto-and-bass bangin' "Shake That Ass" from earlier forays into the blogosphere). Singers Scott Blonde (Simon Le Bon remixed?) and Lisa Light (Shirley Manson goes to the disco?) are ex-lovers who trade off tunes and occasionally (see: "Shake That Ass") bring their talents together to serve the same song. (A third member of the outfit goes by the name "Jeesh le Guillotine," and how can you help doing a little Safety Dance to that?)

The Lovemakers will be playing the Sausalito Art Festival on September 2. Just as soon as Dick Dale finishes his set. (No joke.)

The Lovemakers on MySpace? That would [here].

Now... dance, my pretties!

[MP3] "Dance"

[MP3] "Hypnotised"

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