Wednesday, August 2


The You is a young, essentially unGoogle-able four-piece from Pittsburgh, PA. I discovered them through the song "I'm Going to Kill Myself," which begins all lo-fi and acoustic-guitar-unassuming but starts to kick in around the 1:10 mark with the simple addition of drums. Then, lo and behold, some piano joins the party, and the singer gets almost giddy on the tough-love-but-too-true closing call-out: "You'll never succeed in this life." Ultimately: a highly charming little ditty.

Charming from a somewhat different angle is "Nothing Goin' On," which has a slightly "spacier," Wilco-ish vibe to it.

Apparently, the You has an album called For the Masses (produced by Brian Deck, who has worked with Iron & Wine and Modest Mouse) coming out sometime in the not-too-distant future. I don't have any specifics to offer on that at the moment, but you can hear more of their stuff on their MySpace page [here]. Also, while there, you'll see that they'll be playing a number of shows in the Pittsburgh area in August.

[MP3] "I'm Going to Kill Myself"

[MP3] "Nothing Goin' On"

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