Friday, September 1


Okey-dokey then, here's my best effort at a Best of August mix. I'm in too lousy a mood (have been for forever now) to present this with much fanfare. But I'd like to think the songs are better than my current disposition. Feel free to agree to disagree.

[Also note: Unlike most of my Best Of mixes, this one runs past 80 minutes and thus will not fit on a traditional CD-R disc. I am confident, however, that you will be able to listen to the tracks and jettison the requisite number to make yourself a "personalized" (and perfect) mix. Edit away.]

At your leisure, please left-click [here] to collect the collection.


01) The Beautiful South/There is Song
02) The Killers/When You Were Young
03) The Hussy's/Tiger
04) Razorlight/In the Morning
05) Funky Nashville/Hitch a Ride
06) The Features/Wooden Heart
07) Ima Robot/Happy Annie
08) Paul Brill/Paris is On
09) The Damnwells/Heartbreaklist
10) The Cloud Room/Hey Now Now
11) Thom Yorke/Harrowdown Hill
12) Outkast [w/Janelle Monae]/Call the Law
13) The Legion of Doom/Crazy As She Goes
14) Peter, Bjorn and John [w/Victoria Bergsman]/Young Folks
15) The Needles/Dianne
16) Cosmic Rough Riders/Just a Satellite
17) Sing-Sing/Feels Like Summer

18) Richard Buckner/Town
19) Ben Kweller/Penny on the Train Track
20) Lady & Bird/Suicide is Painless
21) LD & the New Criticism/Unpaid Endorsement
22) Kashmir/Rocket Brothers


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Anonymous said...

your mixes are always solid, thanks.

Loud Is Relative said...

Nice Mix! I think I'll put the same disc together this weekend.