Monday, September 11


It's difficult to know how seriously to take a band like Ima Robot. There's the name, to begin with. (Though, come to think of it, Radiohead's a pretty silly name, too, now isn't it?)

But there's also the music - which mixes in so many bits of so many styles that you've almost got yourself a gumbo. Not a BAD gumbo, mind you - just a bit thin. The ingredients? Well... you'll need to start with some chopped power-pop. A cup of punk. Thicken with addition of new-wave roux. Drop in dollop of electro-pop. Garnish with glam.

Now, before I drive this culinary metaphor completely down the disposal (yeah, I know; too late), let me also tell you that Ima Robot hail from Los Angeles (entirely appropriately), and that they were founded and are still led by didn't-want-to-die-just-a-cry-for-help haircutted singer Alex Ebert and guitarist Timmy "the Terror" Anderson. Their second record, Monument to the Masses, will be released tomorrow (September 12), and I have a feeling the kids are gonna eat it up with a spoon (ahh, that fucking metaphor again).

Finally, it might be noted that these guys previously toured with Hot Hot Heat. I'm here to tell you: it just as easily could have been the Faint. Or Hard-Fi. Or, as Ima Robot themselves have been wont to mention: Panic! at the Disco. All of which is to say: their music is slick. Sassy. Super-slick. Mad-ass sassy. It is also superficial. Stupendously, silly-ass superficial. But the hooks are humongous. The choruses are colossal. And their youthful exuberance may well go a long way toward softening even the hardest of indie hearts.

If you'd like to hear some Ima Robot songs that are not offered here, you'll want to go to their
MySpace page.

If you'd like to catch one of Ima Robot's live shows in the not-too-distant future, you'll need to go to one of the following places, at one of the following times...

Sep 12 8:00P/Safari Sam's/Los Angeles, CA
Sep 16 9:00P/Mezzanine/San Francisco, CA

[MP3] "Disconnect"

[MP3] "Happy Annie"

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